Transition Months | Thirty poems for 2019

Allegory of Vendémiaire, French Republican Calendar (Source)

Monday the 1st: Or so you can imagine

Tuesday the 2nd:
Reading Heaney

Wednesday the 3rd: Cat’s eye

Thursday the 4th: New hobbies

Friday the 5th: Yarra

Saturday the 6th: Shark teeth

Sunday the 7th: Goya’s Dog

Monday the 8th: Commissioner Lin interrupts my spliff

Tuesday the 9th: Five Vignettes

Wednesday the 10th: Sleep is the ending country

Allegory of Brumaire, French Republican Calendar (Source)

Thursday the 11th: Untitled poem

Friday the 12th:
Train poem

Saturday the 13th: Forest hunting

Sunday the 14th: The Flowers

Monday the 15th: The Life Drawer

Tuesday the 16th: Nothing ever lasts, no matter how much you linger

Wednesday the 17th: The church of the sea

Thursday the 18th: Kowloon Bay

Friday the 19th:

Saturday the 20th: Eastertide, rain

Allegory of Frimaire, French Republican Calendar (Source)

Sunday the 21st: Stare far enough…

Monday the 22nd: Cropland

Tuesday the 23rd: Antipodean cuisine

Wednesday the 24th: Footnote of the Day

Thursday the 25th:
The last wedding

Friday the 26th: Arrangements

Saturday the 27th: When we serve tea

Sunday the 28th: travel story

Monday the 29th: Humility

Tuesday the 30th: Ten Castes of the Yuan Dynasty